Why. What.

Why I Got Started…..

I felt a nudge to re-look into my own blog site when I first registered it in 2012… Since over the years I have been sharing my Quiet Time thoughts and devotions with my cell mates and friends, thus thinking, I may as well post them on a personal blog site so that I can share with the world out there who may be seeking Hope, Light and answers to life questions.

I myself have been blessed by pastors, authors, writers and bloggers with their devotions, in the same way, I would like to bless others too.

Writing has all along been my greatest strength in expressing my innermost thoughts. It was my previous mentor cum cell leader who had been encouraging me to start a booklet when she affirmed me many times that I wrote well… I did enquire with publishers but they advised me that unless I was well-known otherwise I might have to bear a hefty publishing fee. (At that time, bloggers were not born yet.) Discouraged, I left the case as not meant for me to pursue.

It was only recently, I felt a “calling” to come forward to share my life lessons from a Great Teacher (Jesus Christ) who had walked with me the past 15 years. Most of my writings were birthed from despairing moments, that even in my darkest times, God was there. Although my life has never been easy, but I am thankful that it is much easier to go through life with God than without Him. I often wished I know Him much earlier…

On the other hand, it tugged my heart that there are many out of my reach who are lost, despaired and discouraged, and need words of strength, comfort and encouragement. I pray that lives be touched and transformed with the living Truths of God through this platform.

I may not write perfect pieces, but it doesn’t matter how well I write, since the centrepiece of all my writings is God Himself. I am merely an instrument for His use, and a channel humbly yours to enjoy.


What About Me?

There is a trinity of the letter “E”in my name, Edelyne:

1. Elohim is God from the beginning (first “E”) and the end (last “E”) of my life;

2. God is the Essence in all I do (the middle “E” as the center);

3. With the three “E”s, God made me Extraordinary!

I am simply, a Child of God, who is made with some talents for His Purposes and for His Highest Glory.

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